Rat Exterminator Brisbane

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Rat Exterminator Brisbane

There are a number of reasons why you need the best rat exterminators in Brisbane by your side, and that you’ll only find here at Houseguard Pest Management. We know the services of a dedicated rat exterminator in Brisbane are necessary because:

• One reason is that rats can pose serious health risks to humans and other animals. They can transmit diseases and parasites, and their droppings can contaminate food and water supplies.

• Rats can cause damage to property by chewing on electrical wiring and gnawing on wood and other materials.

• In some cases, rats can also pose a safety hazard by biting people or animals.

Houseguard Pest Management provides second-to-none services from a dedicated rat exterminator in Brisbane, offering excellent quality services that are up to the requirements. We are the real specialists preferred by those business owners and home owners facing problems related to pests that have infested the building and represent a threat because they can carry illnesses and affect the hygiene level of the place considerably. We’re a proudly Australian-owned and operated business that has over 24 years of experience in the fields of expertise of a professional rat exterminator in Brisbane, and during these years we have been fortunate to understand the changing conditions of this specific area and how it may benefit certain types of pests but has also allowed us to find the most suitable techniques and products that can keep all external menaces away from your building.

In order to determine the most effective strategy when providing our second to none services as your rat exterminators in Brisbane, we will first complete a thorough first inspection to evaluate your building and find the most viable course of action to stop the pests from spreading and to take them out of your house or building for good.

Contact our friendly customer service today and schedule our professionals’ first visit and inspection of your premises and stop worrying about your place is infested with rats.

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Irene Pitts
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"I highly recommend Richard from Houseguard Pest management he came out on time did a great job was very professional we will definately be using Richard un the future"
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Liz Hopping
Gold Coast, Queensland
"great job been coming to my place for ten years very happy with his work pattie monaghan"
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